A Dream Montage 💭

Date: 3/19/2017

By Io

This was by far the most amazing dream I had. It combined several separate dreams I had into a single world inside a video game. I dreamt that I was a thief, trying to steal from this mansion that had a huge gaping hole in the wall. (No surprise how I got in) I tried entering a room but got caught by the owner. He started chasing me and I started running along the ledge. The owner tried to follow me but slipped and fell to his doom, and I hurriedly left the place. I kept running until I came to an arcade, with numerous gaming stations whose screens were all static. There was only one console at the end of the room with a functioning screen, and so I walked towards it. Suddenly a portal opened up and I was sucked into the game. As I was free falling through the sky, a flying rabbit caught me and I was given a sky tour through this vast world. I was shocked to see some familiar buildings, such as a clock tower in the middle of the city that definitely came from another dream of mine, an abandoned church I tried exploring in another dream before, and a shimmering, pristine blue lake that I remembered seeing before a freaking tsunami came and tried to drown me. (Note these were all separate dreams, some from several months back) As I was marvelling the view midair, I suddenly noticed a figure flying towards me at rapid speed. It was a huge purple dragon, and the thing is, I only dreamt of putting pepper inside this dragon's nostrils while it was sleeping a few weeks ago! I think it must have come back for revenge lol, because it recognized me and started giving chase. The flying rabbit lowered me to the ground and turned into an orange cat. I picked it up and ran towards the nearest building I could find. Out of all things it turned out to be an Egyptian Catacomb with a pile of bones at the corner. I hid with the cat there as the dragon swooped by. Then, there was a gap in the dream, because I suddenly found myself in a floating maze. There was only one visible path in front of me; the rest of the surroundings were shrouded in darkness. I had no choice but the find my way out of this labyrinth. Apparently, one can even travel upwards and downwards, making it way more difficult to find the exit. I miraculously got out, and I found myself in a temple, with 4 large statues surrounding me. I walked past them into a large room with a huge monitor. I saw myself in one of the videos that was listed on the screen. There was a whole list of it, all showing the experiences of different people who were sucked into different types of worlds. The other people featured in the videos were all sitting in two rows facing the screens, as though they were watching a movie. The last thing I remember was talking to a few of these people of my own experience, and then I woke up and realized that I have slept for 10 hours lol.