The nuisance

Date: 1/22/2019

By tjhj

I dresmt I woke up with my alarm and went to walk a dog. But instead of 1230 I walked him at 8 or 9 then went back to sleep. For some reason I woke up snd took my pillow with me to the Barclays Center here in brooklyn. I sesrched for a decent salon artist but found none. Laid down for a nap and woke back up in time for a childrens show. It sucked. It was some weird new age version of lilo and stitch. When it was over i found my friend in the crowd. We waited everyone out then tried to leave. She wanted to help someone find their shoes. I assisted amd lifted a decent oair of hokas thinking I would keep them for myself when one of the teachers claimed them. She then began to remove them while spouting off some classical shit. The teachers behind her were sooo impressed and obviously had a crush/wanted to be like her. I was not impressed, though admittedly out of my league in regards to her specialty. They left. I left and went to what appeared to be long island. It involved a train ride over tracks ive traversed before i think. There I lived i think but it was away from the city. Across from us were roomates who i tried to hang out with. It was awkward as my social skills sre lacking in general and eventually the two women whisper argued over who should talk to me. I asked if I should leave and a third woman said yes. So i did. I went back to my apartment and then looked at my txt messages to see the dogs mom very upset I hadn't shown up. She said nothing would make up for it and i tried my best to be forgiven. I got on the train, but it was the wrong way, so i had to go downstairs where I was approached by some teenage brat who tried to jump me. Im pretty sure I punched him and knocked him down before catching my train. I was back in my house and popped over next door to see if id left anything/be nosy/try again. Everyone had moved out and some guy was simply putting things back together again. He couldnt see me so i said nothing and left.