G FORCE!!!!!!

Date: 9/14/2019

By Machman

No, it wasn't about Battle of the Planets or Gatchaman as the Japanese called it, it was a Japanese show after all. The dream starts off with an elevator going up what looks like the outside of a building. I am looking at this happening so I am not in the elevator, it's like a camera viewing the action. A movie scene if you will. The scene changes to being closer in on the action as it becomes apparent that it is not a building the elevator is scaling but a rocket. It comes to a stop near the top of the rocket where an astronaut is seen entering the rocket. I am now inside the rocket and the astronaut who entered is waiting for his colleagues to enter as he is at the seat nearest the door and doesn't want to strap himself in because he would have to stand up to let the other two get past him. Not good planning when you think about it. The scene changes and I am now an astronaut (no space suit just normal clothing I think) but there are more than 3 seats. There are rows of 3 seats on a slope like a cinema or a football stadium. I am sat in the front row. I am seated and strapped in (although the strap is a very rudimentary affair, just across the lap). There's a bit of mucking about as the person who is sitting beside me leaves his seat and decides he wants to sit next to his pal in one of the seats behind us. There are not a lot of seats. 3 or 4 rows of 3. I think to myself this is good as I won't have anyone sitting next to me. But there are still some comings and goings so it's not a done deal yet. Mark (friend from school who I still meet up with once or twice a year) makes an appearance at this point and he sits next to me which is fine. I tell him he'd better strap himself in because if there is a jolt then he could be thrown up or forward and do some serious damage to himself. At this point it's back to a camera view outside the rocket and it's after lift off as the rocket is travelling up through what I can only describe as a futuristic version of the Kingston Bridge. The nose cone makes an appearance between the part which makes up the M8 and the slip road which joins it from the Clydeside Expressway. It doesn't appear to be travelling very fast. It wasn't the Kingston Bridge because, as I said, the scene was very futuristic - a bit like the Star Rider arcade game from the 80s . However I said Kingston Bridge because I remember the slip road and there was a car on it about to join the futuristic motorway. I am now back inside the rocket and instead of going up it appears to be following the motorway to which I remember thinking in the dream that's a bit odd. How are we going to get into space if we're not going the right way? I also remember being concerned that we would collide with the car just about to join the motorway. At this point I remember there was a huge surge of force and everyone is thrown back as the rocket hits an incredible speed and leaves the motorway. I remember there being a chorus of WOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHH! like it was a rollercoaster ride. Camera view again. The rocket gradually turns, once again, towards the blue sky which turns black as we leave Earth's atmosphere. I wake up at this point, heart racing!