Seeing a deity in blue

Date: 5/19/2019

By zedlafor

During meditation healing reiki 1 i saw in the pitch black somewhere in between the blue color of the stone amazonite- a male person with healing capabilities healing energy coming out of his hands. Then its pitchdark again. After that in the pitchblack there is an opening like a photoshop brush effect blue background and old bearded guy sitting in lotus form with closed eyes. Then pitch black again. Afterwards another photoshop effect brush, but this time i want the opening to last longer to take a better lookat the guy. This guru or bearded guy looks like brahma - hindi god of creator 1 of the trinity gods - bhrama-creator-vishnu-preserve-shiva-the destroyer. Was this experience my third eye opening during meditation? Was this a glimpse of the devine light that someone is watching over me. I need to dig deeper. Devoted for reiki-meditation-healing-supernatural power-deities-energy-