Rebellious and Reaching for Love

Date: 3/28/2017

By Fitful

I was dating this girl. She was really awesome. We were very much in love. We were on a date, she fell and I pretended to carry her to the emergency room, we laughed. We went to this party on a yacht, I suddenly declared we should get a yacht. I asked her if she had a fortune, and clarified it wasn't because I wanted her fortune, but because we could buy a yacht and sail around the world. To a ton of lesbian communities she put in, adding to the story and idea. I agreed. Then she asked why not use my fortune. And I realized I actually had one and we could use it instead or use both. The party we were at had two lesbians, draped in cloth, like mock saris, but were weird. They acted like we weren't even there. They actually were men too, dressed up like lesbians. They listened to this short man in a tux as he talked and talked and talked. I was trying to make a sandwich but it wasn't going very well. I had to step on one of the lesbians to get to the plates, she wasn't recognizing me. I got mad and broke a plate over her head. My date did kinda frown at that. I told her I was frustrated at rude people. - Beneath all this, during it, far beneath in the ground I was being rebellious. Mother kept trying to control me. She was upset because I wasn't listening this time and was very used to me doing that. She was very used to me doing what she told me to do. She was writing a book, the same book she had been writing for forever, and was expecting me to work on chapter two with her as I always did. I didn't do it this time, suddenly realizing I didn't have to, and I decided I was really going to be with the girl. This happened the moment I asked the girl to run away with me on a yacht around the world. There was this old timey grocery store down there with beautiful old tins and candy dispensers and stuff. I picked up a tin and went to fill it with bubble gum, but my mother found me. I had been trying to avoid her. She wanted me to go back to doing what she wanted, as I had been all my life, but I decided not to and instead of getting the candy which I vaguely had in mind to give to my date, I left.