50s, chris, fire

Date: 5/18/2022

By rembrandt

had multiple dreams last night but cannot remember the first set. the ones i had right now, i went to a 1950s themed dance, karol came along with me. i was wearing this cute 1950s dress, but it also looked like it might have been 60s. the dance was taking place in a large gym, and everyone was doing little 1950s dances, the DJ was explaining them, but i also asked Karol what kind of dances happened then. she taught me some. they played music by buddy holly, which made everyone depressed. some other artists, i can’t remember, i remember wanting to request frank sinatra. then karol drove me home on a route that seemed super dangerous, but ended up being fine. then the dream changed, i was watching everybody hates chris episode, or i was chris. idk. anyway the episode was chris not being able to do his math homework so rochelle brought over this weird janitorial looking guy to help chris, for some reason he has all of the other students work as well and their math ended up being wrong too. i saw my name on one of the papers but it was spelled super wrong: “caroline friddman” anyway, then chris went to go sleep. oh now i remember the dream from before these: i was at home and something was cooking in the oven, paper or something must’ve been in there because the oven caught fire and was consuming the kitchen, it was terrifying. the fire started going through the wall. i remember thinking in my head what could have i done to stop this early, and remembered the fire extinguisher in the hall. all of these dreams directly were linked to things i saw/made note of yesterday: i watched clips of everybody hates chris, i remember stopping and looking at the fire extinguisher when i came home yesterday, and i watched videos on youtube of people living in the 1950s-pretending to.