Crush, Wife, and Power

Date: 6/6/2017

By jkulick

Summer Late afternoon Leaving old bowling alley Cop was outside making sure everyone was sober driving home A girl (old crush) was trying to get me to go home with her She tried kissing on the neck, I stopped her I left I called my wife, "sloan" I kept trying to turn off the radio to hear but it kept turning back on The time kept jumping to 12:00 every time I realized my car kept dying every time I tried to turn of the radio My car died 3 times on the way home She wouldn't answer The car finally restarted I finally got home She just got out of a shower when I walked in That's why she didn't answer I told "Sloan" the car died and she just said okay The apartment clocks were all flashing. I realized the power went out at the apartment too Awoke That's why the car power stopped too? Maybe it's showing that I have the power to keep a good marriage going.