Date: 10/24/2016

By stefdrms

Last night I also dreamt that I was in a space craft like machinery. Maybe circular shaped with a spacious cockpit it was golden in there. I was with all people I didn't know. Our view was of a suburban home Area. There was a woman controlling everything and she was frantic looking for her children. Eventually her children came out from a building with monsters chasing them. We were trying to find a way a button a lever down thing that could help us get her children in. This lady then did something that in my dream seemed like the greatest idea why didn't I think of it! She threw a poke all and it looked just like it did on the Pokemon go app. Except in real time dream view of the suburbs lol. She catches her children and then releases them in our space fear vehicle thing. They brought monsters along with them but in the craft they seemed 2d and colorful like purple and green and blue. She quickly caught them and sent them out. I then was looking for someone I jumped out and went into the building where the ladies kids came from. It seemed like a big entertainment place. Everyone is running around in a frenzy. For some reason everyone was avoiding the left side of the place and I had a feeling thay whatever I was looking for was there. I ran over looked around and dove into this canal thing and I did a solider crawl so fast feeling scared and then this loud sound came through. Like something you hear in scary movies that lets you know something horrid is about to happen and you better get the hell out of there. I freaked out and froze and fear then started hearing loud bangs. I jump out of the hole and just wake up from getting so scared !