When Conspiracies Seem True

Date: 4/15/2017

By Fitful

This was way past a third world war, or maybe the war happened in a way no-one knew about, like it was a secret war. The public thought it was fine but we were secretly far into a third world war. I had a twin sister. We both lived lives which were mirrored. We both had a baby to care for. Somehow it seemed we were one and the same, as was the baby, but we lived in different places, like across the world difference. I don't know how we interacted because we spent the majority of the dream together. We both were stuck in a hospital of sorts, it was caring for us. There were levels to the hospital, if you cooperated you got to go to a higher and shiner level. The one we were at was underground, in this huge cavern which was filling up with water. We seemed to have this huge disability which only seems to be directed towards people on the surface, we couldn't talk to them, not at all. It was like being mute. I was on a building structure those wooden frames they put up as they build, yes I was inside that. There was like a dock, which went to the rest of the upper level, and beneath it I was building beautiful patterns into the structures being built below. Below was so far down the darkness swallowed the depths. Light couldn't penetrate up from them, it just illuminated the brilliant triangle patterns a bit lower. A caribou was stuck beneath the platform. I had been noticing it for a while, thinking, and I kept seeing it slipping away. I think it was dead. Caribous were extinct because they kept dying and slipping below the water. I grabbed it by its horns, despite it acting so much like a dead caribou, but it slipped beyond my reach. There was some confusion as to weather it slipped into water, dirt, or wood. A man also sat there, on a V where several beams were conjoined. He was sleeping, nodded off while drunk. He was also slipping, slowly. I rattled his cup a couple times, call him sir and asked him to wake up, several times, touched his hand. I was hesitant, I didn't want him upset with me for bothering him. But he stayed asleep and slowly also slipped beneath the surface. A scientist, a whistle blower, met with me and my twin sister. This meaning happened far into the cavern area, down below where it was empty and under construction. He met us to discuss the Flat Earth conspiracy and for some reason Pangaea was implied as part of it. He was talking about how hard it was to keep certain animals on certain continents, because what they never told you was that there weren't actually separate continents, but only the one we learnt about in school as Pangaea. But the deception was alive and well. He was amused by how much work it must take to keep the lions over here, and the giraffes over here etc. Since animals didn't recognize the pretend boundaries. This was also how the caribou went extinct. He was very careful to meet us in secret and we spoke of our concern for our safety. It seemed someone was trying to kill us for what we knew. He told us we'd be safe. He was convinced there was no danger. But after a while I noticed a French woman getting closer and closer to us. We built ourselves into a cage when she came we forgot our cellphones outside it, but I managed to get the cage door closed just in time. She came with a swords and attack us through the bars. But she couldn't get to us. Later a man from the hospital's upper levels wanted to give me medication to drown out the voices. I considered it for a second but tried to explain I heard them as a spiritual practice and they guided me to make me better. I felt it was in my best interest to understand them, and their origin/message. The doctor was intent on my cooperation. He promised me safety and that I'd be taken care of if I complied and took them. They would move me up and I'd be safe and happy. I spoke with my sister, back on the lower levels, we both huddled under a wooden frame structure with our baby's each in our arms. It was almost as if we mirrored each other exactly, down to the way we sat and held out bodies and babies. She had been offered the same, cease conspiracy and take meds and she'd be safe. We looked at our monthly money, we each had $860. We thought it might be enough to stretch it and get our own place. The underground was now teeming with people hunting us, intent to kill.