Fucking Witches and a Lesbian Musical.

Date: 5/19/2017

By Fitful

I was living in this large open house in the middle of a flat state. It was the country land and the house owners were quite well off given the size of the house it was a nice house. Large rooms, cliche wealthy decorations, very much like moderately wealthy homes in California it had that vibe. It wasn't my house for course but I was living there. I couldn't have afforded that house myself. I enjoyed a lot of freedom, I kept having people over, like I was interviewing for some position. I was young to, a girl in her 20's. The people I had over left a calling card each time, a business card, and I collected them in a wallet. Some wanted the card back, but I never gave it back. I was so busy having people over that it was almost frustrating that the woman of the house kept fucking me. I would go to her room for something innocuous and she would come on so strong we ended up fucking every time. This happened all throughout the dream. She couldn't get enough of me. I even changed bodies while with her, she didn't care. And she changed bodies a lot, she was a witch and she had been every famous witch who lived throughout the ages. But she wanted me, sexually, and we fucked the entire dream. I think it's why I kept forgetting to return the calling cards, I was so distracted by the constant fucking with my boss. ~~~ I was stuck in this nowhere town, a little hick place and it was driving me crazy. They had no money, people either were wealthy enough to parade around in nice clothes with bonnets and heels like going to church, or they wore ripped overalls and chewed dandelion leaves. I actually had a flash of this dream long before I had it, of a boy chewing dandelion leaves and getting scolded by his hick father. In the dream I was several people. The first was a young white girl from the city upset about having to be here. At first I didn't know how I was going to make money. There was no Internet connection here at all, no phones, how did people make money without that? They sold ferrets that's how. A little boy, the same chewing dandelion leaves, showed me how to hold down a ferret and strangle it. I tried but all I could do was make it pass out. I couldn't bring myself to kill it. I asked they boy how much I'd make off one, he said about 8 dollars. I was disgusted at the low amount. I didn't feel this was a viable way to make a living. Although apparently that's what you did here. Why a dead feet was worth something was beyond me. I got a job in one of the restaurants, it was a nice one which catered to the rich part of town. It was as a waitress and the rich women in hats all lined up in these booths which were built into a railway car, the building was beautiful and clever. And showed off its wealth. I served food and the diners sang like we were in a musical. I sang about wanting a boy I liked to kiss me, and suddenly it made me a lesbian, which the whole restaurant started singing about. In the song I admit to being a lesbian and ended up dancing on the roof as the musical ended. My family showed up soon after that, a mother nd father and little brother. They were very upset and I was ernest in my proclaiming myself gay. And then I switched people and i was this beautiful black woman getting married. Well I might have been her, I saw the whole thing from the outside. She was getting dressed to get married and she was half in a white dress, only the bottom half. She was touching her belly and breasts, she was so happy she was looking plump today. She was a heavy woman, but she loved her body. She absolutely, genuinely, adored being big. She kept trying on dress after dress, all of them beautiful black ball gown type dresses she already owned. She tried on several of them, each more beautiful than the last, each making her look divine. Apparently she didn't have time to go buy a wedding dress. But each dress she put on wasn't exactly right, each had an element she wanted in her dress, but wasn't special enough for the day she would remember for the rest of her life. And then I'm a little girl in the garden at the restaurant. I'm crying to my big brother, who is a few years older than me, and my older brother who is an adult. I was teased at school over the odd effect with my eye. I apparently had four eye balls growing in one eye, it wasn't always visible but it was often enough I got teased badly for it that day. My older brothers are trying to cheer me up, say I'm special, but I don't believe them, especially my adult older brother. He then reveals he is special too, he has it too, he has water powers. He moves his hand and a steam of water shoots right out of an artfully placed rock wall, and it pours into the middle of the air to form a picture. He tells me that's where he goes all the time, to another world, another land. I lose my tears and beg to go with him, and he smiles and i know we're going somewhere amazing. The blonde waitress I was before accidently walks into the garden/patio area and sees the glowing portal to another world. My brother keeps shutting the door in her face it she keeps trying to get through. Finally she does manage to open the door and from inside the portal a bunch of poisoned spines, like blown from a reed by a native, come through and one or more picks her. Her hands swell up and still she tries to get through the second time, when she does she gets magick in the face which turns her face into a cartoon image of scripted words, spelling out catfood. We call it cat face.