April and Funeral and Asian Gamers

Date: 2/7/2019

By Wickwoman

I was at Judy L’s house using her supplies to get ready for Ashley’s wedding in Georgia. I was needing scissors. I think I was making some kind of floral arrangement. There was a jalacie window and Judy bent it and broke it. Then I was looking for tape to fix the window. I was thinking about how she was too rough with the window and frustrated she had broken it. Randolph R was there and I asked if he knew where the tape was. Then I was trying to make a hotel reservation in Georgia at some kind of hotel ATM. I was going to reserve at Edgewater because that was the hotel reserved for the guests. I said something about having stayed at the EdgeWater in PCB. My sister was there with a trailer behind her car and couldn’t work the brakes and slowly drifted towards me and Paul as we were messing with the ATM. I popped into my 11:30 massage appointment. My 11:30 required another therapist (unknown female) to help. (Couples massage?) They were an Asian man dressed like a cowboy and an Asian woman. My co-worker asked me if I’d checked them out properly. I said no they were just Google referrals. The co-worker said something about gaming being a problem and that she wouldn’t do the massage. She rubbed her body against the man as they were standing to leave and made some comment (insincere apology) about the way she was dressed. I noticed she was dressed very seductive. The man was surprised or tempted or something and also made a comment. April had a 10:15 am appointment this day. (Also in real life this morning.) But I missed April’s massage. I didn’t realize until after my 11:30 appointment. I called her and explained I had 3 appointments and a wedding to get to. I asked if her legal partner died (he did in real life) then after saying it wrong twice I said “I can’t get it right.” (She’s an accountant.) She started to talk but started crying. I met her for lunch to talk but got called away to hunt for a runaway tomato. (I have no idea why this was such an emergency). After I found and pulled up the rogue tomato, I went back to talk to april. I spent quite a lot of time at some point searching for a glass of water. Her cabinets were so high it was like a giants house. I thought it must be because she wanted to keep stuff out of reach of her kids. There was a feeling I wasn’t being a good friend to April. Too distracted.