Dysfunctional Family of Chairs

Date: 7/30/2017

By Helenvetica

The first part of the dream that I remember was like a ski lodge. I was surrounded by deep snow and people skiing and sledding. I wasn't bothering with any of that. Instead, I was either jumping really high or being thrown by someone, and landing as deep as I could in the snow on the ground. I remember cheering and having a lot of fun. I don't remember everything, but I do recall a strange running motif that ran through most of my dreams this time: four plastic deck chairs that would come to life and move around at random times. They'd even talk to each other. I - or whatever character I was playing in my dream- would go up to my dad or other family member, and tell them, like a little kid, that the "chairs are possessed." They were aware. Turns out that the chairs were a family, and a dysfunctional one at that. The "mother" of the four was a total bitch. "She" would verbally abuse the other three chairs, and, somehow, call people on their cellphones demanding things "she" wanted. A couple of people told her off during these phone calls, calling her "heartless" and "uncaring." This detail would show up a couple times in the other half of my dream. The next part took place in a building that I can only describe as a mix between my old kindergarten and a children's museum. This place was featuring these big, very detailed, and realistic puppets; like the kind it takes a few people to operate. I remember looking out a window, and there being a puppet of a creature with a long neck, possibly a giraffe, putting on a performance for a group of kids. Another puppet was at least the head and neck of a horse that was sticking through the curtain of a puppet theater.