{3 Dreams} Theater Crush (Fri July,7 2017)

Date: 7/7/2017

By Sorrnin

1: 18+ I am in a theater and this guy is sitting right next to me and we are talking and I think I really want to have sex with him now but I wake up. 2: 18+ I am with the youtuber Markiplier and I want to have sex with him and I kiss him but I wake up. 3: 18+ Me and my family are at my grandparents house and we are having sex with someone. Then as we are leaving I hug my grandpa goodbye but I want to have sex with him before we leave. I take him to the room where we get dressed and I pick a short bra like shirt and very short shorts and then me and him have sex. (This is the first sex dream I had that I am having sex on my stomach. I usually have sex on my back with the guy on top in my dreams)