Camping Timeloop

Date: 8/2/2017

By Oyasumi

I don't remember much of this one so it will be noticeably short - - - - Me and a group of friends were biking up a hill with supplies to go hiking. The friend that suggested it, we'll call him +, was guiding us to a campsite uphill that we'll label Campsite A. We pass a path that leads to another campsite on the way. We'll call that Campsite B. So once we reached Campsite A, + realizes that he forgot to pack a tent and apologizes. We then had to bike back down the hill and on the way down, he remarks that we could have gone to Campsite B instead. The day resets and we're biking up a hill for camp this time but we decide to go to Campsite B rather than A. Campsite B has a path that slopes downhill onto a large grassy plane. + remarks that usually it was empty however we saw several cars parked there. I remembered thinking that some of them looked official. Regardless, the result was the same because + didn't have a tent. He apologizes, we head back, the day resets. This time, my father was taking our family (my mother, my brother, and, oddly, my uncle) up to Campsite B in a van that we packed with supplies. My father & mother sat in front, my uncle sat in the second row on the right with supplies to his left and I sat in the back on the right with my brother on the left. We head for Campsite B, we arrive, and we see the official cars but get out to set up anyways. But then a storm suddenly arrives and it's pouring badly. Enough to start flooding. We somehow got into another car, instead of our own. This one looked like a safari jeep with open windows but the back was hauling carts of people (like tourists). I had no idea where they came from and seemed to be the only one questioning it. I remember my father telling me that the storm was good because it came from a certain place which makes no sense. My little brother didn't want to leave and began to cry, circling the car outside in the rain. My uncle brought him into the car and I comforted him, having him sit on my lap and hugging him. As we drove, I tried to cheer him up by showing him the pattern of a butterfly that had been cut out of the back of the seat in front of us. He said, "Yeah, but that means they hate butterflies." I then began to mess around with an unlit cigarette (even though I don't smoke) and one of the tourists in the back gave me a dirty look but I didn't pay much attention to it. I knew it would be a bad idea to smoke in the car with my little brother here. The path we were on was like a thick rainforest but then it suddenly led to an open area which we could now see was flooded with muddy water. We passed a submerged tree with beautiful orange-red leaves and I remembered thinking that I wanted to take a picture of it but we didn't stop. - - - - Then my mother woke me up. *Side note: I hate camping