Lost Baby

Date: 2/11/2019

By Hunt1deer

Was at a park having a cookout. A friend was showing off his beautiful classic car, looked like a 69’ Dodge Charger. It was blue. He had it parked below, but backed it up to where we were sitting just to show it off. He was with his pretty blonde girlfriend, who was wearing one of those full-body, black, shiny bodysuits. They both say down, his girlfriend next to me. I was laying on my stomach, and while he chatted on about his car, his girlfriend bumped her ass against my face as she sat down. She smiled at me and giggled. The dream went on for a bit, I’m assuming we ate or whatever. There was another woman there, she was with her baby. Suddenly she starts crying “where’s———-“ (The baby had a name, but it slipped my mind when I woke up) We started to look around. Did someone take it? The baby was wrapped in a white blanket, so we were looking for that. There were a lot of paper plates, random garbage that lie in the grass around us that sort of looked like it could be it, but it wasn’t. Someone yelled “I think it’s over there!” But it was one of those styrofoam take out containers. The woman was panicking. Eventually we heard crying, but it was distant. I ran with the woman and a couple others behind me. We followed a path down the hill, through some trees and past a parking lot. The world in this dream was pretty detailed, for not being somewhere I’ve been before. There was a boardwalk that went out to the ocean, the type that has a bunch of shops and other stuff on it. We past a gate there, still looking. We stopped as the woman who lost her kid started crying and screaming. Another woman told her something like “if you had been watching him/her, this wouldn’t happen.” They looked like they were about to fight. I was more concerned on finding this baby. I pushed my way past them, when some teenage boy with a grin on his face tells me I can’t leave and blocks my way. Apparently he thought there was a fight or something and thought I was running from it. I shoved his dumb grinning face out of my way and went back out of the gate, away from the crowd. I was looking everywhere as I stood there. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me. “Hey you! You’re coming with us!” I turned around to see a very large, muscular woman, who resembled Zarya from Overwatch, reach out and grab me. She dragged me back into the crowd, and that’s when the dream ended.