Rucksack on the Beech

Date: 8/25/2017

By Llamallamacow

We were in some kind of charity shop picking up alsorts of weird things like cups and dvds. We had alot of bags and the main rucksack had alot of items in it, such as the TATINOF book and picture frame. Once we had finished putting all of the random stuff into the bag we headed off the beach. For some reason the tide came in supper quickly so we grabbed what we thought was all of the bags and headed being the tide barrier. One of the girls that we where with asked where the rucksack was, another girl said "I put it in the hole that you dug out yesterday". The first girl then panicked and ran back out, the whole beach followed her trying to stop her. When we got to the whole there was no sign of the bag and her arm got stuck in the whole trying to pull it out. We managed to pull her out of the whole and started to walk back in defete. As we turned out back onto the sand she then started screeming as it was sucking her back down into the hole. There was like 6 people including the life guard trying to save her. Eventually she was to far down in the water and drowned and the life guard pulled us away as he was yelling for everyone to run before the hole opened again.