Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Create an image of a young woman with her sister, escaping from mysterious men on a mountain by transforming into deer and elephant creatures, eventually finding safety with a group of people led by an older fairy-like woman, all while enjoying scooby doo fruit snacks together.


Date: 6/25/2019

By nightlight888

It started off that I was in a plane with people I didn’t recognize, I look over and see my boyfriend. I’m scared because I’ve never been so high up. A man whispers to me that I should not make any noise. The same man tells me we would be parachuting next. I felt the sheer force of what I would imagine it would be like to fall from the sky. I was terrified. We landed on the side of a mountain. My sister and I decide we should escape. I tell her to use her mind and turn herself into a deer and leap down the mountain with me. I turned myself into a deer and bound down the mountain leading us away from the un recognizable men. We get to a marshy area and trudged through it. It lead us to a wall, sort of like the Truman show movie with a single door leading out. We walk through the door but there is a metal garage door. I transformed myself into a dinosaur and I tried to knock it open, I don’t think that worked because then I turned into an elephant and held the door open for her so we could escape. We make it to a group of people who were happy we were there and I met an older women who appeared to be a fairy and she was glad we were safe. Then I ate scooby doo fruit snacks with everyone and I woke up. Thanks for reading this non sense.