Apocalyptic dream

Date: 1/28/2019

By m3rbabe

All I can remember is like chaos. This dream also jumped around quite a bit. Like I was at this airport with a bunch of survivors. We were in an aircraft carrier getting supplies ready to make a run for these busses. I remember i was the only one who didn’t grab a gun because you know, dreams. Everyone looks at me and is like “YOU DONT HAVE A GUN?!” I’m ready to fight cause it’s like no bitch this is a dream so i didn’t really plan on actually needing one, but i grab one anyways and we make a run for it. It’s utter chaos outside, buildings on fire, people running all over the place, cars just taking off, explosions. Next thing i know I’m in this like boarding school/ orphanage. I’m with all these girls and they take us into this room that has like hidden doors like built into the walls because what was happening was we were hiding from the police. The police were taking any of the girls they could find, and killing them. That’s what i gathered because everyone was hell bent on staying hidden and once a girl got caught, you never saw her again. There were also a bunch of sweet adorable cats there with us. All of a sudden I’m the only one left. I remember there was an orange tabby with me. I opened the door to see if maybe the police finally gave up. Outside the doors there were more cats and the tabby runs over and starts nuzzling this bigger black and white cat on the head and that was honestly the saddest part of the dream because he kept me company and kept me safe and now he wasn’t alone anymore and now i knew i was gonna have to run it solo and i didn’t know what was going to become of these cats. Then i woke up and now i feel like i just left them in that dream. I hope they’re all right.