my friend lily's house and grandma's old rusty house and Old SNES connected to wii u somehow

Date: 2/26/2017

By Serena

So I was at Lily's house We were in the living room and I asked if i could come in her room and she said yes and I bounced on that couch in later dreams Willow (Corbin's sister) would have a pink room with glitter on the walls and a full mirror and a pink bed with a black couch. That was the same room In lily's room then I woke up (probably false awakening) Then I covered my face with the blanket and it was a dream again (definitely false awakening) it was 7 years in the future and grandma doesn't live at my aunties house anymore she lives at a old rusty mansion (i couldn't see the inside) she had a huge red bucket outside (weird) then I tried to ask her why she had all the stuff out there and why she lived in a mansion that's old and rusty but it came out as whispers a while after that dream I was playing a wii u and I saw this old SNES type thing it looked new so I decided to try it I put a random game in hoping it would work while the wii u was on without me noticing then I saw that game I put in playing on the wii u