tornadoes and bad weather

Date: 8/6/2019

By plizzri

i'll try to do this in order and give as much info as i can?? so like i was w my family, idfk where we were headed and then BOOM! tornadoes were surrounding us and beginning to form :) i think i was pointing out that the weather looked shitty but ya anyways, we get inside somewhere to cover down (skip a little because i don't remember this part very well) and then my mom says we have to go??? for some reason, and that the twisters aren't really around anymore. i was like "bitch yes they are huh" and she said "one is like north of here and the other is in a mineshaft let's go" LIKE WHAT??? A MINESHAFT??? TORNADOES DONT GO DOWNSTAIRS??? anyways- we left and went to this place where a bunch of my high school administrators were and they were treating me like shit idfk. i went into the bathroom and was being a crackhead lmao and i found my old friend dominick?? dunno wtf he was doing there lol. but i was with him for like the rest of the dream. plus his brother or something who knows at this point. i remember seeing lots of dangerous lighting either striking the ground or just in the clouds but it was fucked up lol anyways that's all i really remember and can pull outta my ass atm