Elevator & Sea

Date: 2/12/2017

By Wolf_Noodle

It started off in a big room with a long lunch table but with no food. I sat down on it but there was a man at the end of the table staring at me. David came over to me and told me to come with him. We walked down a corridor and entered a grey room with an elevator. David walked into the elevator but I couldn't get into it in time. I saw Ivo and me and him walked through. We waited and the other side of the elevator dropped to reveal another elevator. This happened multiple times until we got to the end and the elevator started to move. The lights flickered and it dropped very fast. The doors opened and I saw David and pardiss. I hugged both of them and I said goodbye. I walked under a bridge and when I emerged I could see the sea. I looked back and Ivo pardiss and David were watching but they looked really sad. I began to cry and walk into the sea. I kept walking until I was completely submerged