the party

Date: 2/9/2017

By laurenwelsh

Starts with me chilling in my lounge watching tv. I'm then transported out side this house that's having a lit af party. I go inside and I'm immediately brought into this drinking competition with this girl who I thinks name was nikita. She goes first, and when she's done she gets up and immediately falls over and pukes. Now it's my turn. I chug it for much longer than her and I'm totally fine when I get up. I then realize I'm in a dream and it turns lucid. I then just start partying and shit and I run into prince. In real life, he is angry at me right now, so he was also mad at me in the dream. I try to make right with him but it doesn't work. I then run into Kyla and we smoke hookah together and just chill. That's all I can remember.