Ex boyfriend

Date: 5/12/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So I was out with my friends from middle school. My ex boyfriend Federico P. was with me and there was also Sara and some other couples. He was showing me off like a trophy. I was really, really uncomfortable. He touched me everywhere. We where at a place which looked like a bridge up on a very tall hill, also like an arch that is situated in Ladispoli. So I was there and he started groping my breast from behind, touching me in front of others. I wasn't alright with that but didn't say anything. I felt like something was wrong. I felt like he was out of place but my brain was forcing me to consider him as my current boyfriend. Then when he let me go I suddenly realized my boyfriend wasn't him. I kind of connected with reality and realized that my boyfriend is now Matthew, so I woke up for a second. Then we reached the top and admired a panoramic view. Federico had disappeared. Then Gennarino fell out of my bed and I woke up.