Minecraft dream simulation game

Date: 5/17/2018

By IFailAtUsernames

There was this new game that was released and it was like a mix of mine craft and that dream simulated game and you could either have completely new levels or levels based off where you are rn. The completely new levels usually create more dungeons and underground levels with lots of stairs but also sometimes has more of a story. The whole game was literally endless and used VR. The levels based off of your surroundings were really creepy, I remember that in the garden literally every garden/house has a different weather (although most of it was dry) and someone has a pet rabbit I wanted to visit but didn’t know how. I remember the spare room was really clear but there were a few messy boxes on the floor. I looked inside and I found some of my toys and a Polaroid of me from when I was about 12? I was fascinated by how skinny I was in the photo and remember thinking “wow, I must be super fat now if this is what I looked like around my skinniest” bc although I was A Lot smaller, I still looked fat. The only difference was that I wasn’t overweight.