Terrorist Attack

Date: 2/3/2017

By ace200

A rumor was going around about Idena Menzle (Not sure how to spell her name), but it went something like she murdered somebody or was a terrorist. I was then at my middle school, instead of high school, in the hallway with Caitlyn when we thought we heard a gunshot. I looked out of the stairwell windows from the top of the stairs and saw this big black car come to the front of the school and I knew it was terrorists, because of the Idena rumor. I had no idea what to do, but all these kids came out of their classes screaming. I saw Donnez and followed her down the stairs, sliding on the rails which was faster. Caitlyn and I ran outside the front of the school, hiding under a school bus. I can't believe I ran to the front, I guess I froze up and didn't know where else to go. We saw men in black suits with guns walking around. One of them saw us. I was grabbed and handcuffed, then shoved into their van. A man stuck a needle into my side and said, "You are about to get really sleepy and woozy." I couldn't believe how fast it happened, but I got so tired so fast. I leaned my head against the van door as I heard Caitlyn being pushed in. She said, "Can I rest my head like Ally is?" and I figured she got the shot too. It was cool because all I saw was darkness in my dream as I was falling asleep; but heard things going on around me. Somehow, I forced myself to regain consciousness when I heard the men left. We ran out of the van and I saw other kids running across this snowy white field that appeared and into nearby woods. We followed, but we're slow because of the drugs. I ended up getting caught again. It cut to me being escorted into a cell with other people and there were a lot of cells. They didn't have bars, just walls, or locks. Just empty an space in the wall to enter and exit. The walls did not even reach the ceiling. We had benches to sit on that wrapped around our block. My Mom and sister were there so I sat with them. This little boy was beside me with his family, I think he was four. He was very sacred so I began to play with him and make him feel better as best I could. Another terrorist came in, but this one said he promised he would free us. He kept telling us this until another guard came by and he stopped and stated pretending he hated us. There was then a battle where he got us to escapade, and we were outside the jail, but bullets and flares were being thrown at us as we ran. I held the four year old boy, as his mother was hit. He was shivering cold in the snow so I wrapped my jacket around him. Once we ran far enough and were face, my mom and sister too, I opened my jacket and saw he died. I screamed and started to cry. I then remember being at home and still afraid of terrorists. Ashlee was picking me up for school and it was dark out. Random cars would pull up instead of hers and I kept thinking they were terrorists. Apparently they were still around and we had to be careful. At school, I was at choir and we were all afraid to be too loud in case of terrorists or a gunshot we would miss. It was then Christmas and I remember Sam giving me a pillowcase as a present and I felt bad because I didn't get him anything. Adam kept talking to me and annoying me.