Arachnid Warzone

Date: 6/29/2017

By Nyxx

The dream started off with almost a 1vs1 CoD style 1vs1. Thought it was real and I was experiencing it without a controller my mind was sort of the controller and imagining certain actions my body would do the same. I had a sniper and so did my opponent and we kept firing shots and killing each other then respawning. On the last shot I was gonna make to kill him a spider landed on my left arm which was a short sleeve for some reason. It landed on my wrist. I froze in a panic and so did it. But then just as I was about to swat it away it jumped to my bicep and scurried up my shoulder and close to my neck and I couldn't move out of fear I seen it rear back about to bite me and I moved so frantically to try and get rid of it that I ripped myself out of the dream and fell out of bed. I turned the bed upside down checking pillows and blankets to see if it was there because it felt so real. I couldn't go back to sleep in that bed I didn't feel safe and I started sweating excessively and my body felt like it had things crawling all over it. I got up and went to sleep in a different room.