Half whale, half human

Date: 7/13/2017

By TwentieToo

So I've had this dream before. I was in this mansion, and a lot of Disney characters lived there. And there was this bad guy trying to kill us all. So we all went and fought. And we killed him. Then after, there was this girl, she half whale half human. And she was being carried on this gigantic stretcher with wheels. And I asked her about her weight, and if she gained one hundred pounds, would it be bad. She said yes and started to cry. Then I said, "you know, you are an amazing person." She turned and looked at me and asked me why. I told her, "you are kind, beautiful inside and out, brave, and strong." Then I put my hand on her face as I said goodbye and told her I was in love with her. Apparently I was the only one who could bring the Disney characters back. Not every single character fought and were hidden so they were safe. And they were hidden in this locket thingy. So I went around the mansion and let the characters out. Then the next dream, I've also had before. It was this school. The school was kind of mixed with my grandmas house. Downstairs, was where the art class was. It was very small and inside a bathroom. There was a store where you could buy pets and stuff. Then there was this other arts class upstairs, and it was kind of mixed with a hospital. My mom, and this other lady were in the hospital part. The rooms were very small. And they had to share a bathroom. My mom was in the hospital because of her cancer. Then the other lady, I went and talked to her. She was the CEO of some company I can't remember. I think she was beaten up pretty badly, because someone didn't like the company she worked at. We talked, and then she kissed me, and we fell in love. Then the part after this was about Nazis. I had a Nazi symbol tattooed on my toe. In the dream, I had supported Nazis when I was younger, but didn't anymore. There were Nazis in the class, and they hid their Nazi stuff in walls and ceilings. And there was a police officer who went around and searched for the stuff. The next dream I don't think I've had before. We were in a store with my grandparents. It was a jewelry store. My sisters picked out necklaces and bought them. Then I asked my grandma if I could still pick one out, because I didn't know we could buy anything. She said yes and showed me all the necklaces, but all the good ones were gone.