The Adirondacks and the Irish hermit

Date: 1/29/2019

By annothray

Was with a group of people we were teenagers a group of us We all decided to go to the Adirondacks spontaneously and very very unprepared We had nothing to sleep with no tents no Hamic’s no sleeping bags no extra clothes no food We happily went through the trails in the forest Then we found this monorail looking thing almost like a roller coaster highbred I got to sit in the first car so I could control the speed with a special switch I went slow and fast everybody was thrilled we were up down hills around curves Thought it was super fun seeing all the trees from higher up on this roller coaster highbred thing We all got off we were in clearing every small house maybe cottage or cabin it was hard to see it Everybody left suddenly went inside I never knew when they just suddenly were gone I got tangled up in a weird looking tree with very long please see vine branches kind of like a tropical tree Then an old Irish guy came out of the house He was really not happy very cross and said in an Irish accent that what I was doing being tangled up in his plum tree? And why did I not have a backpack He said I could not be outside he was an older guy He let me come in with all my friends into his small house He gave us very plain tasting cookies tin kind of like tea cookies Then I suddenly woke up This was a silly dream but pretty fun