Date: 9/6/2019

By Imetaphor

I'm part of an amphibious invasion force. I see three amphibious assault vehicle commanders try to get to a bombardment position but they literally blindly run into three parked tanks at the same time and have to continue on foot. They get captured. The young mixed gender captors are like, "Really? They were trying to continue the assault without vehicles?" Those three O-4s (I can tell from their collar devices) are blaming each other. (The seriousness, stakes, level and similarities with the enemy tell me this is more like an itra-office rivalry.) As this happens, I can see friendly special forces arriving on the beach in zodiacs... But my bus full of regular troops is taking the long circuit of stops around the base, almost as if we aren't good enough. Now we have to go way out on an almost deserted point of beach. I feel like we're pretty ready for combat even though we're average untested troops.