Date: 3/30/2017

By cathyyy

i was at my elementary school. i think i performed a play (for the current parents of the school's students) with my old friends and it was a success. we were done and rested for a bit in our 1st grade classroom because it was the closest to the auditorium. chairs were placed together so we can sit together. our bags, costumes, makeups and props where all around the place. one of the parents left a toddler on a chair. i think she said she headed out for the comfort roon. we were eating snacks and laughing when i saw the baby. i played with him for a little while. then i remembered i haven't placed my shoes in my bag. i was looking for it when i noticed this big crack on the floor. i called for my friends and asked what happened. i looked around and saw more of it around the classroom. when i stood up, the floor shaked. my friend said we should all leave the room. but i stayed and still looked for my shoes. lol. when i couldn't find it, i decided to leave. as i stood up, the floor shaked again. then i noticed the toddler was still sitting on the chair. the mother didn't come back and nobody took him out of the room. i quickly walked towards the baby, picked him up, picked up my bag and left. i was walking while carrying the baby. before i knew it, i was at an old korean restaurant and i think my family owned it. i put the baby down and looked at him while i was standing. then i woke up.