Sad train station

Date: 3/11/2017

By richtoffen

So I am walking around and I'm trying to find someone. It's a huge train station packed full of people like an airport. After walking around for a few minutes I finally see crush (let's call her Autumn). I walk over to Autumn and say "hey you!" and she turns looks at me and says "hey!" back. Then were are both walking and we sit at this restaurant in the train station..just having a donut and some coffee and talking up a storm. After about an hour the train arrives and Autumn and I go outside and lean up against the wall. And wait for the train to be cleaned and ready to board. Then I start to walk towards the train and I turn around to tell her to come with me....but she wasn't there it was my friend...he was where she was. And I asked him "where is she?" The he said "what are you talking about?" And walked and boarded the train...then I looked for her but I couldn't find her.......