2nd Lucid Dream - Stranger Things in the Forest

Date: 2/27/2017

By Tyler Cambre

After my 1st lucid dream, I purposely decided to take a day nap and attempt to Lucid Dream again. I slept with a YouTube video song, and burned a Lotus incense. Dreamed of being in a split level and split path garage. Was walking with the girl from Stranger Things, and she seemed to be in love with me. Which was very awkward because she is a child. I eventually woke up at the top of the garage, still enclosed, but I don't remember why I woke up. Once I realized I was laying in my bed facing the window with my puppy cuddled in my arms, I closed my eyes because I wanted to keep dreaming. After a few moments with my eyes closed, I relaxed my eyelids enough to where they almost opened enough to see my room. But I never did open them. I started to see a path in this forest, where I was travelling way faster than I could have been running. Maybe 70 mph or even faster. Barely even recognizable. Either I couldn't open my eyes, or I was refusing to because of the infatuation that I knew I wasn't really there. Once I came to a stop, involuntarily, I wound up in the most beautiful forest I've ever seen. Way beyond my conscience imagination. It was like the backyard of the wealthiest and most artistic person ever. I really can't remember the specifics, but it was majestic. However, my intuition told me that it was wrong. Something that beautiful was a deliberate distraction from something evil that must be nearby. I was correct. After walking cautiously through the forest, I began to slow down, and was unable to move forward. I was wrapped up in a thin film of like saran wrap or something. I tore it off and continued on. Almost immediately, a thicker layer mysteriously wrapped around me again, and I turned around to see 4-5 enormous black spiders, the size of tree trunks, glaring at me and saying something in quiet seductive voices. Their eyes were red, and they were all wrapping me together. I was tearing the film off as fast as I could, but the group I was following didn't see me behind them. I was wishing I could wake up so bad. The spiders were very slow, and I was able to escape momentarily, and once I reached the group I warned them what had happened. I felt that something really evil was getting closer, and I can't remember why I woke up. I think I woke up because I escaped, and whatever wanted to catch me was too far away. It was terrifying, and I can't wait to do it again.