Perfect weather

Date: 3/8/2017

By Octopaw

I was in the country a combination of places outside of my home town stitched together. My Com Tech class was on a trip to this... Actually I'm not sure what we were there. I got separated from the group and went to a stranger version of my town mall. It was dark I stole a cape for no reason. Once back outside suddenly tornadoes fell from the sky except they were all black and goopy. I ran as fast I could to find the group again. But I found my school instead but again it was different. The school was hit really bad and I had to help get people out of there before. "It comes back." After everyone in the school was safe I went back out to look for my class. As more smaller black goopy tornadoes chased me. The bus was crashed into a ditch. I ran after them as they just sat around. Sudden I was starting to get sucked in the tornado but I grabbed a mail box. I yelled for help. A class member with a blue shirts and jeans. He had blonde messy hair and grabbed my hand. I knew the tornado was after me so I ran to lead it away. But he wouldn't let go of my hand. I told him to let me go. But he refused to let me do this alone. We started running down a long rout when my alarm went off.