Date: 8/10/2017

By meek_____

We were in a war and the USA was all divided. Teenagers were getting poisoned and some were getting captured. I was lucky enough to have a a unicorn which is a very high honor. The unicorns power was like a ray gun. It could shot one ray or three or it could shout bullets. In battle there was just me surrounded by the enemy as it usually is and then something went wrong I woke up in this portable changing room. It was white and had a zipper down the middle as the door. I was going out the door and I saw people and ran back in the room. They came after my and ask me where my unicorn was but I looked at them confused because I didn't remember anything. Then I saw a unicorn and the memories came back. It started when I was back in the academy and I was getting awarded my ranks. They hand out each rank you surpassed during training at graduation and you don't know until then. I got ranked twice and no one was ranked that high so I knew I was going to get ranked again for a unicorn. It was something I dreaded for a long time because I didn't what to be in battle. After I got my memories back I saw the land that was taken in the time that I was gone. The end!