Donald Trump And His Assistant Were In Some Office And I Was Just a 'Veiwer' Of The Situation. (...Jumping Right Into Someone's Random Perpective Aswell.)

Date: 2/11/2017

By spiritual.uuvn

I wasn't actually there but I was just watching the whole entire scene, so Donald Trump and his Assistant supposedly came back from a long day and it was night, Trump was either taking his jacket or the first layer of his suit off (vest?) because he was exhausted and then his Assistant walked over to the window only to find that it snowed, and it snowed a lot. Some how myself being only a 'Viewer' walked towards the window to see what he's seeing out there, keep in mind they couldn't see me at all, so when I walked towards the window to see what's out there, there was a street covered in snow and including the side walk, lots and lots of snow and you know how your walking down a side walk with a metal fence besides you, like a school fence? Well that was besides the side walk oh and also the street lights were that orangeish goldish color which made an erie feeling but as I was looking at the light I saw this guy walking along the side walk and he seemed scared, nervous, confused, and angry with his self. Okay this is where the weird part comes in, so as I was looking at the guy some how I switched scenes and I was in that guys perspective. While I was at that window I wanted to see how he was feeling, so I went over but only to find myself switching perspectives with him. So while I did so, I simply just let everything just flow how it should. Now let me tell you his story, he or I was walking down the side walk but I stood by this street light, I was nervous and scared. I was lost and abandoned, I didn't know what to do besides have a gun in my pants just in case if anything would to happen. I was shaking alot, and it was cold. I started to walk along this side walk with a fence besides it and I saw this truck on the inside of the fence, it was pretty suspicious. I felt like no one was here but myself so I was quite scared about any attackers coming to attack me. I pulled my gun out, and as I walked passed the truck I pointed my gun directly at the truck and pulled the trigger, bang, bang, bang, shot after shot. The noise radiated throughout the field on the other side of the fence. No one was in the truck, I was thankful. Keep in mind I don't know what exactly happened before I went into this guy's perspective, but I feel like some disaster happened and power to the homes went out across America. Which may be the reason why he's feeling so venerable but anyways, as I continued to walked down the side walk after realizing no one was in the truck, I was relieved. I kept walking but only to come face to face with another truck but parked on the road against the side walk, once again bang, bang, bang, no one was in the truck, thankfully. The feeling of pulling that trigger was truly terrifying, in fact I was shaking a lot while holding the gun, barely keeping it up. I continued to walk down the side walk only to see the end of the sidewalk, or the corner of the sidewalk that turns right, with another truck parked, trucks right passenger window facing me, I walked and walked, nervous and worried if any one was in the truck. This part felt forever to walk to but fast at the sane time, I finally get closer to the truck and once again but this time I yelled and shot towards the trucks window, I ran to the truck and crawled through the window and got into the driver seat, I remember that the visuals were soooo detailed and real, that reality was as real as this one but anyways, I looked down to see if there was a key in the ignition and lucky me there was, the key was so real, and I saw my hands go towards the key to turn it and my left hand on the steering wheel. My hands seemed worn out and the key was just one simple metal key. I turned the key and the car starts, I was too nervous and scared to focus on the road and as I was driving, (this is the part I faintly remember) but I either got into a car crash or not, but all I remember is that there were these bright lights heading directly, head to head, towards my my way.