Eco-system, ferret, and mall.

Date: 6/10/2017

By jacentaaa

Pet ferret. Eco system at work. Mall. The dream starts out at work. But at clingman, when you walk through the studio door, it turns into 144. Mark and Tyler had been working on 144 for about 2 weeks. Finally I went to see what they had been doing. I walk in and there's all these plants growing up everywhere. There's the sound of a waterfall but to my direct line of sight I only see a few creeks trickling across the floor. There's rocks like they're mini rivers. I see a few lizards darting about and a bird flies over my head. The studio stuff is still there. They just converted it into a little eco-system of sorts. For what reason? Idk. But I was so impressed! I just remember thinking wow! So this is what they've been doing. They did such a great job. 😂 Then I was with Ted Mosby. But he only looked like Ted; it was really Jamel. I was so happy. All I could think was omg I have finally found the one for me; I have found my soulmate. He was saying the same thing. He was so ecstatic to have found me after all his searching and bad relationships. Then the dream transitions. I have a ferret. Jacob was with me. In this mall. I had to leave my ferret in a closet in the mall so the security guards wouldn't hurt him and take him away. Mark said he would help me find the closet again. But he didn't, he left early (like he leaves work early on Friday's 😂) I was with Kate Bartford at this point. She was dragging me all over the mall. I went to American Eagle and they had this box of stuff on sale. I started going through the box. I pulled out a purple purse made out of that soft fabric like my teal north face jacket. She came up behind me and said ohhh that's nice. Is that blah blah brand? Can I see it? And reaches out for the purse. I was a little annoyed. I said I think it's north face. She sits down and starts going through the box with me looking at all kinds of nice shoes. Black lace up suede shoes. A leather sandal with braids going up the inside sole which looked very uncomfortable and impractical. Then a pair of tan leather boots. Kate dragged me away to a different store. She was looking for a present for her sister who I think was Hilary. Tying my shoe - bug black ribbon laces. I'm crouched down and a woman proceeds to mop around me. She finally says sorry when she realizes she's mopped a circle around me, trapping me inside. I step on her wet floors since there's little kids running around on them anyway. Kate kept me distracted until the mall was closing. I freaked out. I needed my ferret! I had to go get something out of my car. The first security guard let me in because he thought I was going back for my brother who he had saw me with earlier. I said yes! I need my brother. Lol. I was approaching the second security guard who was closing these huge glass doors. He looked pissed. I was forming my story in my head to get around him right as I woke up. I probably could have fell back into it but I had to pee and I was excited to record all of this. I'm glad I'm starting to remember my dreams better again. Another random part of the dream that I just remembered but I don't know when it took place chronologically. Mammaw - complaining that Jacob has no computer for school. I told her the Navy would buy him one. She was mad and didn't believe me. Then I walk To Uncle lees old room. He has a notebook filled with numbers and conspiracy theories. Then I'm in a bed with jamel, his dad and my brother?! Jacob was much younger; about 4. Jamel's dad kept asking why my brother was talking about my hard nipples?! Jamel had said it during the night and Jacob heard him and repeated it in front of his dad. His dad couldn't understand and said that my brother was a useless little pervert. I got mad and asked him to leave our house. Did he not know that small children just repeat what they hear? But why were me and jamel messing around with my brother and his dad in the bed with us? Super super weird! Was it Jacob or was it our son? Freaky!