School disguise and also Muse

Date: 5/10/2019

By amandab8211

The next semester of school started and I went on Monday like normal, but found a raccoon mask. On Tuesday, I showed up wearing the raccoon mask and didn’t take it off. No one knew who was behind the mask, even those who had seen me yesterday. I wore the mask every Tuesday and Thursday but not Monday and Wednesday, and stuck to that pattern. One day while studying with a couple of students in class, my mask kept slipping and getting pushed up my face somehow, and it got to a point where I knew they could probably see who I was. I gave up and took off the mask and they showed no reaction, so I think they’d figured it out a long time ago. And that was the end of the raccoon mask story. Later I was in class that was meant to go till 6:45, when the teacher found out that there was a Muse concert happening on campus. We all left to go see the concert for the rest of class. I called my mom to let her know what was happening and that I’d be a little late. Somehow I met Matt Bellamy. We did something together but I don’t remember what, I just know for some reason we were talking in the crowd instead of in the stage.