The Traveler and the Nickleback Rehearsal

Date: 8/16/2017

By lucid14

A traveler and his family were up on this mountain. The scene was vast and open, almost cartoon like. Very yellow and earth tone like colors. He was sitting on the peak of this unrealistically high path looking very alone in the vastness of the scene.He was a sort of "woe is me" kind of guy but in a comic way. He had a seal caucus with him for food and it was so post to last a long time on the journey but he was worried his kids would eat it. (My perspective was shifting throughout this but I was mostly switching between 3rd person and one of his kids) As one of his kids I suggested he burry the meat so it will stay fresh. He tried to do it but he said, "how is this so post to work?! Someone is going to come by and steal this!" He picks up a piece of the plant he dug up and throws it at me, "look at this loose granite!" I start to walk away and he says, "are you going to Vermont?" In a long drawn out tone of voice. I thought this was funny because I had barely walked away from him and he assumed I was casually walking all the way to Vermont. I was in Dennis's basement practicing with a band. We were rehearsing "How You Remind Me" Nickleback. Dennis and I were both singing lead vocals in unison, there was a female guitar player and a drummer who looked like Evan G but wasn't and was much better. I realized at this point that I confused these two people and should have stuck with the better player. I was in the playroom of the basement and the rest of the band was in the main room. I could see them most of the time but they couldn't see me much. My room was dark and there's was light. We were going through one part of the song a couple times before running the whole thing. I would stop and say it was a little too fast and we should try it again. The female guitar player asked me when we were going to run the whole song, and I said after we get this part down. I didn't actually notice it in the dream but she was attractive. She had long blonde hair, a nice body and was good at guitar. I eventually saw Kendal in the basement leaning up against Dennis as we were playing through the song. I wished she would come into the back room and be with me too. She did and I felt kind of silly singing the lead vocals at the same time as Dennis and I also didn't think Kendal would think Nickleback was cool. She started to lean on my shoulder and I felt like every way I reacted was wrong and not what she wanted me to do. I leaned my head back on hers, interrupting my singing and eventually fell over on to the ground. Kendal didn't say a word this whole time but I knew she would much rather lean on someone who wouldn't fall over. (I think the takeaway from this is I should have paid more attention to the the hot guitar player and less to Kendal)