Onesie People

Date: 4/15/2020

By caitlynm14117

I was at home alone in the kitchen where we have these big windows and I see one or two people dressed in onesies come up my driveway and walk around towards the back of the house. They don’t see me, but I squat down behind/under the kitchen table so I can still see out the window but hopefully they can’t see me. Then a whole hoard of people dressed in onesies come up the driveway and around the house. I freak out and decide that I need to go in my parents room (their bathroom is at the back of the house so this wasn’t a great decision). I open their bedroom door and laying on the bed is this guy in a Cookie Monster onesie. He doesn’t see me but hears the door opening and looks around a little so I close the door. Then I open it again and he turns and looks at me and his face is blue and hairy like the suit. I scream bloody murder and run out of the house. I run out into the street and down the neighborhood, trying to find a house that hasn’t been infiltrated by these onesie people, but all of them have been broken into and there are onesie people everywhere. These two guys in onesies chase me down the street, and one starts throwing this ball at me right into my spine that makes me finch every time. I ask him what he wants with me and all he’ll say is “underage”. The other one says the same thing. Then I ask “do you want to fuck me?” And the one with the ball doesn’t answer so I ask the other one and he just says “underage”.