Lilhuddy the tik toker

Date: 4/1/2019

By dreamaway2210

So this took place in my hometown around the evening. So I don’t know how I began but I remember getting out of an old pickup truck and saying bye to whom ever. I remember bits and pieces like lil huddy is the one who took me home. Anyway I get in and my parents are there asking how the date was and I was like good good. I walk to my bedroom and there is chase (lilhuddy). I ask him why he was still here, he said that he liked me and I was okay with it. There was another guy I was seeing i guess. Chase and I were in the floor of my parents room and I kissed him. Almost like we had kissed before. I was happy for the first time in a while but I had to go and leave him while I went to the other guy and my internal conscience was like choose. I chose chase but I don’t have when I told the other guy to leave he was just sitting on the couch. So I can’t remember specific parts but moving on we were at school is a pool doing laps. It was a fancy, outdoor pool too. There was a life guard that sat to the side and the coach blowing his whistle all the time. I was with my friends so I didn’t know where chase was. Chase and I acted like we dated, I think we were. I was in a donut and so was my friend and we we were just floating along. This is where it gets spacey again I don’t remember parts. I remember getting out and trying to call chase but couldn’t get ahold of him so I snapped him and was like where are you at baby or something like that. He sent this picture of a beautiful fountain and it was just beautiful and said Italy. So this might be confusing. While I sent the snap back from the pool I was like imagining I was there or something. Like I was saying good luck in the meeting and to be cool and that I love you, but I was waking to the empty halls of that building in Italy. Anyway, somehow I get out of there and I’m back in class but instead of normal class we do relay races. I got to choose unknowingly but I chose one I had already done, but it became harder. I went against people from my church and teachers. After all that it was regular class except the pink haired girl from lazy town was there. I was in her point of view and I asked to go somewhere and the teacher allowed me. I walked the halls and a student tried to wave me down but I ignored them. I can’t remember the end but that’s my dream of basically dating chase Hudson from Tik Tok