Date: 8/28/2019

By EntropicAtom67

This dream had first started as I along with multiple people were left alone in a large room. Then suddenly, everyone including myself started to run away from the spot, all in different directions. I got the feeling we were all supposed to hide because as I looked around in the house from the storage closet window I could see no one. As far as I could tell we were a gro group of pretty diverse ages, ranging from a small little girl to a man in his fifties. I had not known what was happening until I saw it. It was a dark figure, that was draped with a dark cloak that would just slowly walk towards different spots to probably try and find us. Though this thing was flawed as it would speed up sometimes. From this I just guessed it was a human. The thing went around searching for us, until it almost found me. It had caught a quick glimpse of my head as I peaked out the storage closet window. So I got up quick and ran away outside with the thing in pursuit. Also, this place we are in looked kinda like a giant barn house, with large open spaces within. Toward the end of the dream, me, the little girl, and the man in his fifties, had thought of a plan if escape. I also had no ideas where the other people had gone, all I can infer is that the thing had killed them beforehand. Ones we saw the creature walk in a different direction then the small, red wooden door that was the exit, we made our move and we all ran out. The sky was a dark grey color and infront of the large barn house lay a metal fence all around the property, increasing and decreasing in height in some areas. Infront of the house was a view of an ocean and a large cliff fall. This place looks like it's in Iceland. We all started running towards the shortest wall with tock under it. The creature noticed from inside the house and came out screaming. From the scream I could now tell it was a woman. And then she took off her mask to reveal she was Valkyrie from Thor Ragnarok. That had me weirded out. She then proceeded to pick up the small little girl and choke the life out of her with a thick rope around her neck. The girl was out in only a few second of checking and gasping for air. Me and the other man had used her distraction to jump the fence and fall the seven feet onto the sand. There must have been a second fence around the property, because now below on the beach, there was large 20 foot metal fence blocking our escape. The large fence wasn't even played out around the property, it made a rectangular shape on the beach. The lady had then slowly chased us along the fence line. As we walked she kept saying odd words as rhymes. I couldn't really tell at the moment what she was saying. At the end of the fence I started running away and the man followed but we were stopped by the woman that jabbed some silver scissors into the man's shoulder. Reluctantly, the man took the scissors out and stabbed her in the shoulder, followed by her stabbing him again in the same area Antways, the dream then ended her with not conclusion.