Two tweakers

Date: 7/30/2017

By arizonanightmare1

I was at home. It wasn't my home, my same road set up. This tweaker guy with a really big gun, tattoos and red irises came into my house trying to hurt me. I didn't know where Matthew was and I had to protect my self. I didn't want this individual to harm me or my dogs but then Stanno came out and was snarling and barking and went to attack the guy. He ran off. He came back with a friend and they both had guns. I kept trying to call 911 but I couldn't get through. Nobody was helping me. So I ran outside holding one of my cats yelling for someone to call 911 and someone responded that they would. So I was feeling relieved. But they weren't showing up. And I waited and tried calling again. His friend tried coming after me so I hit him over the head with a heavy bag. I thought he was down for good. But he got back up. So then I tried casually talking to them until help arrived, they were talking about raping me. So I told them a lie that I was in an accident when I was younger and couldn't feel anything. I was talking them into raping me?? I have no idea why. I also put a flashlight and a fire in a broken toy school bus but then tried to hide it. Then my co worker was in my dream. Two of my conworkers actually. Then it flips that I'm at my old school talking to friends. I run outside of the school and it's back to the house. I run down the street barefoot looking for the cops and I find their cars. I run to them and they get out and I grab their arms and start telling them what happened. Then I felt safe. They shot the guys down and killed them. Then I woke up.