Smiley anatomy

Date: 2/7/2017

By sarahmarie9241

The dream began while I was at a house party. I didn't recognize anyone, so I went to roam around the house. I entered the one room, which held nothing but one large window that took up nearly the whole wall, and a very small door opposite me. I opened the door and looked inside to find a small grey leather pouch with a smiley face inked into the corner. I looked up to find a man staring at me. He was tall and dressed oddly formal for the house party. I asked him about the pouch, I asked him many things but he would only ever reply with "Have you ever heard of Grey's Anatomy. The book?" And he would just keep saying this on repeat like a broken record. It was then that I looked out the window to see the yard beneath me. The sun was setting. Everything was gold. The yard consisted of weeds and dead flowers. Suddenly, the weeds and grass began to grow rapidly, making the shape of a smiley face. Where the mouth of the smiley face was a hand reached out of the earth and the mouth appeared to open. Then I woke up.