Living in a camper

Date: 2/23/2019

By GullibleFreckle

I was living or moving into a pop up camper. Some of the dream was at home and some in the camper. I was organizing our home and talking about all my cake supplies and sew stuff. The canvas on the pop up was not connected and it was very cold. It was filled with stuff and we were trying to downsize. I was thinking about getting rid on all my VHS but we had a small tv/vhs combo and that was our only entertainment. we talked about putting them on a hard drive. We were trying to organize the baby stuff. At one point the camper rolled away uncontrollably with us inside. I asked someone where we were camping. They said “west of the state of Washington”. I asked “Canada?” And they replied “Alaska”. I was excited because I had never been there. Everyone was partying (bonfire, drinking, and dance). My husband, me and another couple took a group shower but it wasn’t sexual. Extras My brother and I were trading Pokémon cards I won a game system and big screen tv on a weird YouTube game show about eating weird foods. A stray mean cat kept trying to get inside our house There was a storm and flooding. People kept driving though the water. My husband was electrocuted (by a wire or downed power line?) and I tried to help but he was calm and said not to because I would be electrocuted.