School and Vacation

Date: 8/11/2017

By ace200

I kept going to Morgan R's house with Mr R because Donnez was there and we were doing summer math work. However, one day I packed to go to the beach, but on the car ride to Morgan's, I realized I didn't pack any clothes or toiletries so I texted my mom to give me time to pack quickly when I got home. I just watched the Blair Witch Project in real life, so I remember going in the woods with my family in some of the dream. It was then the first day of school and I hung out with Allie Jones. It was still my high school, but it looked really different, everything was painted red and yellow. I remember singing Hallelujah in the hallways because that's what you were apparently supposed to do and I was actually liking school. But then my Aunt was my teacher in one class and she went on a rant of how bad of a person I was, so this one boy in the class then was threatening me and bullying me basically.