Panic! At The Disco

Date: 1/30/2017

By dystxpia

It started out where my boyfriend and I had just sat down at a table just feet from a stage. The lights were low but had a bluish tint making everything seems magical. There were a bunch of squealing fan girls at tabled behind us because we were about to watch a panic at the disco concert. It started and was absolutely amazing! Brendon (lead singer) 's voice was unbelievable. His voice was soo powerful and he sang his songs with such enthousiasm and love that it made everything better and i could feel my heart melt. Just as I was going to take a snapvid on snapchat, he came down into the audience (Which was only a small room of about 30 people) and started going up to people. He grabbed my shoulder firmly and held it briefly while smiling and then moved on and I kind of freaked out inside. I finished my video snap with the text along the lines of "he just touched my shoulder!! P!A.T.D! " the concert continued but felt soo short because of how into it i was. It was finally over and my boyfriend and I packed up to leave. We talked with some of the band members after the concert and they were all down to earth and fun. My boyfriend and I left and drove home and it was amazing.