Big Brother, but scary

Date: 7/8/2017

By AbbyK

So I was apart of the Big Brother house, but there was a big twist. There was a ghost and if it got you, you died and had to join it in killing the rest of the people in the house. Whoever didn't die wins. So I remember that I was a ghost and for some reason it wasn't like I was an actual ghost, but just me dressed in all black with a helmet with lights on so I could see in the dark. I guess no one could see me unless I sat still or got into a really bright part of the house. So I was running around just messing with people. I saw Josh from the new season and he was sitting on the ground begging for it to be over because he was terrified. I went up and touched him so he would freak out. Then I was just running around and moving things to scare everyone. I woke up before I got to see who won.