{1 Dream} Pool Party (Mon May,1 2017)

Date: 5/1/2017

By Sorrnin

I am at a pool party thing and this little boy said pussy and I said to him "do you know what that means? The slang?" And he said yes. Then I am looking for a guy to have sex with and I grabbed this one guy and whispered in his ear "do you want to have sex?" He said nothing. Then this other guy was tapping me and saying to me "I'll have sex with you" so me and him were walking into this building to go find a bathroom to have sex in when he jumped on me and made me moan in the huge crowd of people and some girl said "are you serious!?" I did not get embarrassed or anything, I just kept walking into the building with him. Then when we finally got into a bathroom and started having sex, this little boy walked in with his mom and he pointed at us saying "mommy what are they doing?" His mom just dragged him out of the bathroom and said nothing. Again I was not embarrassed or anything, we just kept having sex.