red head

Date: 2/16/2017

By brittany202575

I was in a classroom sitting at a desk, surrounded by other people. They could have been students or just peers... I don't know. None of us seemed very concerned with anything and there was no teacher. I was the same age I am now, 32, and others were of varying age. I felt younger. My new boyfriend walked in although I didn't turn to acknowledge him... just knew he would come sit next to me. I felt like I had to let everyone know we were together now. I leaned into him so our sides touched. We weren't really sitting in our chairs, more leaning over the table that served as a desk, one knee on the chairs behind us, one foot on the ground. He wore a white, long sleeved dress shirt and was violently red headed. He was perfect. I wore a black sparkly dress and had my long hair in a half up, half down style. His hair was trendy but short and he had light stubble on his face, although I never saw more than the side of him. We didn't really acknowledge each other more than the physical contact but it felt wonderful. I leaned in a little more, draped an arm around his back and settled my hand on the other side of his waist. I brushed my hand up and down his side and rested my head on his shoulder while we focused on whoever in the group was speaking at the moment. Fin.