Visiting friends where they don’t live

Date: 3/30/2021

By Purple

Lots of details in this dream Visiting Rich and Rose, but they live in an apartment building in my dream. (In real life, they have a private house.) I was telling Rich I have heart pains. In my dream, Rich worked for the insurance company I’m covered under. He said to just say the word and he will look up my files and give me info on where to go. I said okay, thanks. But the next two or three times I said, “Please get me started. I’m ready to be seen,” he said okay...but was always distracted and didn’t make the calls or research he’s been promising. Rich and Rose showed me some food in case I was hungry. I chose more chocolate versus healthier snacking. I felt guilty for eating more than my share of the food they were serving as hosts. Rose was also snacking. Rose was extremely pregnant, and I asked for confirmation. Then I remembered a few months prior, she did make the announcement. (In real life they are empty nesters.) Scene changed: We saw the roof of a neighboring building where many people were skating. I was watching and thinking I wanted to do that. Skating on a roof sounds like fun! I don’t recall if it was roller blading or ice skating. Every time I blinked (or looked away, then looked back), the people kept shifting. It seems the people with different color tops all merged together where all orange was in one area, beige was all together in one area, etc. Group dispersed and colors became random again. The color match and mismatch happened for several rounds. Scene changed: I was in the hallway. I knocked a little loudly on their door. A neighbor came out and told me how rude my loud knocking was. I told her how rude her comment was. Someone else came by and I mentioned this lady. He knew exactly who I was talking about. Scene changed: I was in the basement of the building and there were hundreds of wood logs of various lengths. The width wasn’t uniform, but they were approximately the same. Someone was drawing various plans on a few pieces of wood where the bark was removed. He was planning on making a woodwind instrument. That would’ve been cool to watch. Scene changed: I was on the beach with Rich and Rose. Rose picked up a kite that had a squirrel attached to it. The squirrel wasn’t moving, maybe because it was nervous. Suddenly, Rose’s grip of the kite was loosened and the kite took off as if it had helium. The squirrel started moving, confirming it was alive. I felt awful that this frightened squirrel was going to eventually wind up higher and higher toward the sky. Throughout the dream, another strange dream was weaved in that I kept revisiting. In my dream, my friend (can’t remember who it is now that I’m awake) wanted to get revenge on authorities for wronging him. He was telling me about his plans. I told him that’s a bad idea and he shouldn’t go through with it. He said he was going to do it anyway. Suddenly, I had access to the FBI’s list of domestic terrorists. He was most recently named and his photo, along with his accomplice, was already sent to all local authorities. I worried for his safety. I was trying to tell him that somehow they were onto him, on his tail, but he didn’t want to believe me. The last scene was in the lobby of Rich and Rose’s building, where I was sleeping on a mattress in public. Some asshole was walking his dog and let the dog walk on my mattress while I was sleeping.